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80% of the top US economists believe that the recession is over...

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80% of the top US economists believe that the recession is over. Is it time to send up a cheer or stay hunkered down? What will the recovery look like, when will the jobs be back and when does consumer spending kick in?
The Dow hit 10,000 for the first time in over a year this past week. Is this the sign that gives the economy a green light or is caution still the watch word of the day?
We have new numbers on retail sales, the Fed says that economic activity has been picking up as of late. Are you headed back to the mall, your spending is one of the key indicators of when the recovery gets started in earnest and how fast it improves things.
With tax revenue down, the IRS is on the prowl for any way it can reduce the tax gap. That is the difference between what they think you owe and what you actually pay in taxes. Once again, small business looks to be the target. We will let you know what their latest strategy is to increase compliance.
The Senate passed a version of the health care bill out of committee this week. There is still a long way to go before any piece of legislation gets pulled together with enough votes to make it into law. But it does just keep on rolling. This single bill will have a greater economic impact than anything that congress has thrown at the country yet. We must keep an eye on what they are thinking now.
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